Section X

Shipyard Saboutage

Characters: Alexander Hawke, Ana Craev, Goldie 5000, Professor Emmit L. Brown

Deciding whether they should return to Esmerelda to get an update on the research, the characters overhear a conversation that indicates a conspiracy to attack the shipyards. Ana manages to overhear enough to get an address, but the martians give her the slip and leave.

Heading back to the Explorer’s Society clubhouse, the party comes across a beggar selling a “treasure map” — sensing there could be something to it, the characters buy it. They now have three possible courses — follow up with Esmerelda, investigate the address, or investigate the map.

They choose the address.

It turns out to be an abandoned level of an apartment where, after going past several levels of the increasingly poor, they come to a level that appears abandoned — except there is a guard, asleep, at one door.

Inside is a cell of martian thugs, plotting something on a map. Professor Brown uses his L.O.S.E.R. cannon to devastating affect in the battle — at least devastating to the building. After the battle the characters find out that demonstrations are planned for that night at the main entrances to the shipyards, but also get enough detail of possible involvement of Fenian (Irish) separatists and to track to a pub in the small Irish sector — right across the cabal from the Shipyards.

Reporting the planned demonstrations to the authorities, they feel comfortable they can handle them, but ask the characters to investigate the Fenians (although thinking it is unlikely).

After stakitng out the pub, the characters find the top floor is off limits.

Renting a room underneath, Goldie climbs up the outside to spy and finds the entire top floor has been converted to a workshop where they have assembled gliders and are attaching what looks like bombs.

Alex and Ana head to the stairs, to take out the guards there, while Professor Brown prepares his cannon to shoot up, through the floor, and Goldie takes potshots from the balcony.

After the distraction of the guards turns violent, Ana retreats while Alex goes full on wild-man. The Professor’s cannon has destroyed the roof of the adjoining room, where one of the solider’s has fallen into the bath of another guest.

Ana kindly helps the poor naked woman out of harms way, and into another room, where Ana offers to lend “her” clothes (whatever she found in the room).

Many are wounded, and most of the gliders are damaged in the ensuing battle. A few get away and are shot down, with the Fenian soldiers at the top then caught in a crossfire between Goldie and Alex. The inventor who build the devices is the last to take off, and dies in a ball of fire as his invention is shot down before it can reach it’s target across the canal.

By the time the British soldiers arrive, the characters have control of the situation. They are commended highly for their actions.

The characters earned 3 experience points each, and 2 favours each from the British foreign office.



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