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Personality Physical Weird
Arrogant (Major) Blind (Major) Bad Luck (Major)
Bloodthirsty (Major) Elderly (Major) Clueless (Major)
Curious (Major) Lame (Major) Code of Honor (Major)
Heroic (Major) One Arm (Major) Delusional (Minor/Major)
Overconfident (Major) One Eye (Major) Enemy (Minor/Major)
Yellow (Major) One Leg (Major) Habit (Minor/Major)
Greedy (Minor/Major) Small (Major) Phobia (Minor/Major)
Pacifist (Minor/Major) Young (Major) Vow (Minor/Major)
Vengeful (Minor/Major) Bad Eyes (Minor/Major) Wanted (Minor/Major)
Big Mouth (Minor) Hard of Hearing (Minor/Major) Doubting Thomas (Minor)
Cautious (Minor) All Thumbs (Minor) Illiterate (Minor)
Death Wish (Minor) Anemic (Minor) Outsider (Minor)
Loyal (Minor) Obese (Minor) Poverty (Minor)
Mean (Minor) Ugly (Minor) Quirk (Minor)
Stubborn (Minor) Airsickness # (Major) Land Lover # (Major)
Cocky # (Major) Martian Born # (Minor) Obligations # (Minor/Major)
Jingoistic # (Minor/Major) Disowned # (Minor)

(#) Additional hindrances from Space 1889: Red Sands.


Agility Smarts Knowledge (Smarts)
Boating Gambling Kn. Battle
Driving Healing Kn. Business
Fighting + Investigation Kn. Engineering
Larceny ^ Notice + Kn. Gunnery
Piloting Repair Kn. History
Riding Streetwise Kn. Journalism
Shooting + Survival Kn. Law
Stealth Taunt Kn. Mechanics
Tracking Kn. Medicine
Weird Science Kn. Navigation
Kn. Science
Strength Spirit Kn. Trimsman
Athletics (^) Intimidation

(+) Tip: All characters should have some Notice, almost all should have some Fighting, and most should have some Shooting.
(^) Larceny includes lockpicking and sleight of hand. Athletics includes climbing, swimming and throwing. See House Rules.

Quick Reference

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