• Alexander Hawke

    Alexander Hawke

    Two-fisted wilderness man, with manners and attitude to match.
  • Ana Craev

    Ana Craev

    Intrepid reporter, with a vow to uncover the truth, but is she too afraid to face it.
  • Beth Brunell

    Beth Brunell

    Disowned noblewoman, inventor and pilot, who apparently doesn't get on well with Belgians (and has a pet monkey).
  • Goldie 5000

    Goldie 5000

    A curiosity even among Section X - a sentient android whose social circuits were reprogrammed by the Brotherhood of Luxor to be an ace pilot, but has now broken free.
  • Kinya Higsbothan

    Kinya Higsbothan

    Petite woman, who is known to be a skilled mechanic; seems obsessed with machines.
  • Professor Emmit L. Brown

    Professor Emmit L. Brown

    A genius who has had a long career in many fields, but only recently gained notoriety with the invention of his Mind Reading device; perhaps the Brotherhood of Luxor tried to buy it off him.
  • Sir Malcolm Ravenscroft

    Sir Malcolm Ravenscroft

    Her Majesties finest cavalry officer, a young nobleman mostly famous for thinking he is the best, and not being shy telling others about it; served a tour on Mars, where he probably encountered the Brotherhood of Luxor.